Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The games Industry

The games industrty is said to be recession proof. This is however a very bold statement and is also very innaccurate, hundreds of job cuts and companies downsizing has occured. Though the games industry has been quite resiliant against the large brunt of the recession it still has the problems with now trying to save money and keep spendature to a minimum and yet keep the quality they produce to a maximum. This has led to many large and in some cases smaller independant companies outsource to other foreign companies to get quick and cheap results especially in terms of the smaller in game assests where companies don't want to spend a lot of time or resources in having to create smaller assets in game.

Nintendo has been a great player in the survival of the games industry as their company alone has made upto 3/4's of the industrys total sales. They have made the games industry more accessible in nature and managed to capture more non bedroom gamers and have brought the games industry back to the world of the money making corporations rather than just the guy eating fast food and programming the same world of warcraft games for a select few.

The games industry is facing turbulant times but seems to have past a lot of the recessions storm and is on its slow way to recovery and slowly gaining its confidence back. Which is good as if the games industry is able to recover and get stronger as they have to work harder to push the boundaries of games to make them better and worth the £40 price tag then gamers of all ages will be in for a treat wth more original release titles and stunning story and graphics.