Monday, 15 March 2010


Creativity manifests itself in many waysand forms, the problem in defining creativity is that everyone can be creative in one way or another and creativity can be expressed in an immeasurable number of ways. Art is an easy example of trying to explain the creative process but one thing is to be made clear, just because someone has a lot of interesting ideas doesn't mean they are instantly creative. Being a creative person involves structure, clarity and being able to implement the ideas across to a desired audience. A great quote that helps further my views on creativity and what defines it for me is "Creativity without craft is like fuel without an engine-it burns wildly but accomplishes little..." Creativity is essentially a way of describing a unique thought process that allows us to creatr solutionsfor tasks and questions we have in an inventive constructive and often new way. Artists have as much right to the term 'Creative' as a Neurosurgeon who discovers a new way of treating his patients; the same can be applied to many walks of life.

The Games Industry is full of a broad range of examples of creativity, not only from the artistic team but also from the processes in these areaqs and across all aspects of many industries, the generation of new and innovative ways of getting things done doesn't happen. This is where creativity can be seen in some form and the product of a group of creative people or person can then be measured. In the games industry triple A titles that are produced such as Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War or the Hitman series, all possess a large manifestation of creativity due to their stylistic approaches and also their ability to appeal to a wide range of people.

Creatvity is all around us in everything we do and see in our lives. Though its hard to describe and pin down to a black and white answer, as it seems to be a very grey area that people always disagree on. There is no denying that Art isn't the only thing that can be branded with the exclusive use of trhe term "Creative" and that people shouldn't ignore that fact.