Saturday, 2 April 2011

From generalist to specialist...

So its been a while since i last posted which I'm sorry about but thank the group project I was Team Leader on for that! Though whilst we are on that subject, I have to just say how much it has made me grow as Game Artist which I can actually say now and mean. I was given the responsibility of leading the team, reluctantly I might add, but have found out something interesting about myself. Apparently I have somehow manage to acquire some sort of leadership qualities along the way and have found I really enjoyed it.

The fact I looked at this blog and found I was writing about something that I had previously perceived to be an impossible task, has now become something very straight forward and natural. Throughout the group project I have found that I started to really find what I wanted to do and enjoy.

The project was about creating a survival horror level environment and we thats what we did, and in my opinion we succeeded in pulling off an impressive and fun to explore level. It really drove me to want to create environments and generate the world in which the player can move and run around in. The project also made me want to explore the option of looking into perhaps managing a team or working in area like that.

I've quickly realised from the working environment we were put in and put ourselves in, that working in a team of hard working and driven people as well as specialising really helps in creating a piece of art/ work really possible and more importantly rewarding.

My reward was learning more about me and where I want to head off to and gaining the skills and determination to get me there and hopefully making me a great asset to the games industry.